Dedicated to providing the best contracting experience possible

Our goal is to create the best contracting experience possible, for both our employees and for the clients. We love to tackle any problem project and come at it with a new angle. 


Who is A-Built?

A-Built Construction is owned and operated by Perry Sarkinen, a builder with decades of experience in the construction industry.

Contractors are leaving others with a bad taste in their mouth. Low quality jobs, long lead times, messy job sites... A-Built was opened with the idea in mind that we would provide the easiest, cleanest contracting experience possible.

Have a 'problem project' that contractors are reluctant to touch because it is difficult or complicated? A-Built has you handled.

Between experience and enjoyment in their work, the A-Built team is good match for your project.

Contact us to talk about your project.

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Life at A-Built

The motto that A-Built will always stand by is "don't take anything too seriously."

Our main goal is to make the 40 hours of our week spent at work as enjoyable as possible.

The true strength of A-Built, however, lies in the entire team. Largely an experienced crew of great friends, they get out there and give it their all–loving what they do and building to the best of their abilities.

All long-time residents of the region in which they call home, the A-Built team takes pride in building structures that stand the test of time.


Meet the Washington Team


With the origins in Southwest Washington, A-Built's main office is located in Amboy, Washington. A large part of the team is located in Washington, and some travel between the two locations.

Meet the Idaho Team

ID Christmas Party - group photo

Having recently opened a branch in Idaho, A-Built is quickly expanding! We are so appreciative of our team, as we would not have been able to do it without them.

Grateful to have been worked into your guys schedule..

 so quickly and for all the helpful tips and guidance. Thank you!

-Marie D, Residential Client

A-Built just truly knocked it out of the park...

With the flat roof style of our home, multiple roof lines, wide facia, 3 foot overhang's, multiple buildings to squeeze between and multiple roof lines layered together, A-Built just truly knocked it out of the park on our unconventional build. The millworker also had great things to say about them, the stellar framing made his job a pleasure.

Furthermore, the crews that showed up every day really impressed us with their respectful demeanor, positive attitudes and awesome work ethic. We would certainly use them again in a heartbeat! Thank you so much A-Built.

- K & A, Residential Client

Thanks again...

Very timely work and very happy customers! Thanks again!

- R & S, Residential Client

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