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From residential design to commercial spaces and public works, these projects reflect our commitment to craftsmanship, quality and customer satisfaction. Explore our portfolio showcasing our construction expertise and witness how A-Built is shaping the present and future of exceptional construction.

Recent Projects

Projects we've been working on — Commercial, Residential, and Public Works.

Home overlooking St Helens

Project type: Residential

This project was especially awesome to work on because of the stunning view our framers had each day they went to work. With a view overlooking Merwin Reservoir and with views of Mt. St. Helens, this house was Custom framed in Washington state.

A 4650 SF custom modern home built up near Ariel, WA. When the owner wasn’t traveling internationally, he worked from home so his commute wasn’t a problem. One unique thing about this home was that the garage floor is wood framed, with concrete poured over the wood framing. With the steep grades onsite and a lack of onsite suitable fill material, the owner elected to go with a wood frame floor system in the garage. Imagine parking your car knowing there is a 10’ open crawlspace underneath it!


Ridgefield Commercial Building

Project type: Commercial

This project was a nearly 9000 SF commercial wood frame building for retail space, in Ridgefield WA. We contracted under Jackson Contracting to frame this building over 2 months. A unique aspect of this build is the architectural roof lines. Inside, the building is a simple rectangular box – while outside all of the high and varying roof lines and timber framing are simply architectural and are hollow/unused spaces.

Public Works Construction

Project type: Residential

While our bread and butter work is wood framing, we also have crews working on other types of structural buildings. This project we performed as the General Contractor and self-performed a large portion of the work constructing two covered play areas at a high school and a middle school for Evergreen Public Schools. A unique thing about this project was the tight timeline that the project had to be completed – in between school getting out for the summer and resuming in the fall. We have some well-rounded guys who enjoy a variety of work and so we tackled the building erection, metal roofing install, gutter install, concrete flatwork, play equipment, playground striping, minor landscaping and irrigation, chain-link fence, and more! The crews really enjoyed this project and even with the very tight schedule and multiple changes to the work,  we were able to complete the project ahead of schedule!


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